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    26 years' experience in high- quality private label cosmetics manufacturing, specializing in the production of hair care, skin care, face care, men care, baby care, exclusive lines and tailored formulas. Our experts develop high-quality, personal care products at an affordable price so you can build your successful beauty brand.

    • Made in Brazil
    • Not Tested on Animals
    • Halal Certified
    • EU Compliant
    • FDA Compliant
    • SFDA Compliant
    • GMP/ ISO 22716 / GSO 1943 compliance
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    To help protect biodiversity, our products are developed as sustainable as possible.Using the natural resources that Brazil nature can offer to us as well buying from small communities their organic products sharing our values and we value their partnership. Our wastewater is 100% treatment and used on our garden.

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    BRK Global works directly with over 100 small suppliers from communities spread all over the country, buying organic fresh rosemary, roses, flowers extract and several fruit oils to ensure that the ingredients we use are of the highest quality and sourced as sustainable as possible, helping them with a brighter future.

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    We are committed to respect the environment, supporting communities and guarantee the quality and safety of our products and clients.

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    Our vision is to be the leading Vegan and Halal private label cosmetics manufacturing company brand with Brazilian roots, considered the industry pioneer in sustainability and Brazilian nature preservation as well to the health & wellbeing of every kind of life.

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    Our mission is to bring sustainable Brazilian beauty products with Brazilian natural resources ingredients, to consumers looking for naturally and sustainable products.

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    We are always open, truthful, authentic and respectful of our values.


    We care about tomorrow as much as today.

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    We dare to be bold, have courage and the confidence to be different.